This customer contacted me hot and bothered when the installation team from a large high street retailer let them down. Having delivered an integrated fridge freezer, the ‘helpful’ installation team declined to install the appliance, despite installation service having been booked, because it needed to stand for four hours before it could be turned on. Since the plug was behind the freezer at skirting board level these ‘professional installers’ didn’t feel able to proceed with the installation. Apparently it never occurred to them to install the appliance and then plug it in later via the kitchen baseboard plinth. So the installers left the address leaving the appliance in the middle of the kitchen and the fixtures on the counter top!

Fortunately the Eaglescliffe & Yarm Handyman was due at the address to install a replacement kitchen tap. A few hours later the new fridge freezer was installed and cooling and the new kitchen mixer tap was running at full pressure. Unfortunately the family dog took advantage of the situation and ate half my pork pie while i was under the kitchen sink!!!

Cool Under Pressure
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