My father was a tool salesman and collector, with an incredible ability to build, make and fix absolutely anything. He ran a long established side-hustle, for beer money, fixing and servicing all shapes and sizes of lawn mowers and garden machinery. I grew up with free reign and instruction in his workshop and garage where the fascination with fixing stuff bloomed. My mother, among other things, taught me how to paint and decorate (including wallpapering) at 12 yrs old!

After leaving school I went to college and served my 3 yr apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering with Harkers Engineering. In the early part of the apprenticeship I spent a year, full time at the Engineering Industrial Training Board learning tool techniques, electrical, machining, welding, plating, technical drawing and engineering skills. After the apprenticeship I moved to design office of Davy McKee to work on design and technical drawing of hydraulic systems in steel plants. I left engineering to join the police service in 1990.

Policing, by very nature, involves hundreds of interactions with people on a daily basis. Those interactions vary in the extreme. Some are violent, some sad, some hilarious and some downright bizarre. After hanging up my uniform 33 yrs later for retirement in early 2023, those interactions ceased overnight. Naturally I didn’t miss the small percentage of negative interactions, however I did miss the positive human interactions enjoyed daily throughout that career.

At age 55, I wasn’t ready to stop working. I wanted to continue meeting and interacting with people. I enjoy working with my hands, making things, fixing things, using my mind to solve problems. I love hardware stores, tools and buying more tools! I wanted to control my own schedule, enjoy variety from one day to the next, and be my own boss. I also wanted to be able to work indoors and out, weather permitting! I’ve been decorating, maintaining, repairing and building stuff for self, family and friends my entire adult life. So when a friend suggested starting a handyman service (and jumped in quick to book some jobs in) the penny dropped.

I’m locally born and raised. I live in Eaglescliffe with my wife of 30+ yrs (we married young! ) We have an adult son who returns home every weekend (with laundry & hungry) albeit he lives south of York where he studies Aerospace Engineering as a Degree Apprentice.

I’m a petrol-head, swim 2-3 km three times a week, climb the Wainwrights (slowly), snowboard and I’m learning the saxophone. I have a compulsive obsession with maintaining my lawns. I try to take a holiday at least once a year to Florida which is my happy place.

I have zero resistance to chocolate!

Please feel comfortable contacting me if there are tasks you need doing. I don’t profess to be able to do everything. If I can undertake your task to a high standard for a reasonable price I’ll offer to do the work. Sometimes I simply can’t undertake the task as efficiently or cost effectively as an alternate provider. If that’s the case, I’ll be honest and politely decline the activity.

I look forward to helping you.

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