Smart tech continues to evolve. Recently a customer asked if it was possible to upgrade an old legacy wired alarm system. The system had been a monitored system but the client didn’t want to resume paying excessive alarm monitoring company prices. After a little research it’s clear that the ‘Internet of Things’ means wired alarm systems can now be moved into the 21st century. By installing a new low cost, but state of the art PCB, with integrated networking capabilities, into an existing wired alarm control panel it is possible to set, unset, monitor, receive real-time notifications and even automate a whole range of functions in an existing wired alarm system from anywhere in the world. As with most modern smart tech, control of the whole system can be managed from your smartphone and even by voice commands. I recently installed this upgrade in my own home. It’s very impressive how versatile and convenient this cloud-based home security solution works in an existing legacy wired security system.

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