Sometimes a stitch in time saves nine. The job was a gutter support which for some reason had broken away. During hot weather (earlier in the year – not recently!!!) the unsupported gutter then flexed down as it softened in the warm weather. Because it was sagging, the sand, grit and other material found in gutters accumulates in the low spot with each new rain shower. As time goes by the weight of the collective material causes the gutter to sag further and the cycle repeats until eventually the gutter collapses or at very least the water overflows rather than draining into the downpipe. It was only a quick job to pop up there, repair the broken support, clear out the fetid smelling gunk accumulated in there and return the gutter to its proper functional state. With the amount of rain we’re having recently, even the gutter was quietly complaining to me while I was up there!!!

Just Need A Little Support
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